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STS has customers worldwide and distributes products for applications in many different industries.  This necessitates that we are active in the world of media.

We are pleased to give you an overview of current publications, upcoming events and exhibitions; as well as direct contact details for media relations, on the following pages.

STS Launches Competence Platform

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Published: 19. August 2016

Are you interested in staying up to date with new developments and reading about fascinating case studies in the world of sensor technology? Then we have just the thing for you: We have launched a competence platform with all the insights.
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Digital pressure sensor DTM.OCS.S

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Published: 3. November 2015

This precision Modbus transmitter offers users a wide range of applications - including versions for gaseous and liquid media.
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Water level data logger: Measuring and storing 1.5 million parameters

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Published: 3. November 2015

The water level is a crucial piece of information in many application areas. Businesses, government agencies and researchers have to rely on this precise instrument which should operate autonomously.
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