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Piezoresistive OEM Measuring Cell

The pressure measurement cell represents the heart of any pressure transmitter. At STS, these measurement cells are made in-house from scratch. In this area, the important parameters are accuracy, stability, and the maximum overload. The production of pressure measurement cells represents the core competence of STS.

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Pressure Transmitter

STS offers a comprehensive range of classic analog transducers and transmitters to satisfy not only the process and test & measurement industry but also any application where long cable lengths are required. Are you in need of a defined signal for a defined pressure and/or temperature range? The transmitter is built and calibrated according to the application requirement. All our pressure transmitters are modular, for maximum flexibility.

Temperature Transmitter.jpg

Temperature Transmitter

Temperature transmitters make it possible to send a scaleable (4 to 20mA / 0 - 10 V) signal from a temperature sensor to a control device. All our temperature transmitters are based on a modular design for maximum flexibility.


Pressure and Temperature Transmitter.jpg

Pressure and Temperature Transmitter

Pressure and Temperature measuring and monitoring is essential for many applications. High resolution, accurate pressure and temperature data is needed to ensure that proceseses are under control to ensure an optimized production.

Pressure Switch.jpg

Pressure Switch

STS offers a choice of pressure switches for OEM use. The application ranges from monitoring filtering processes of coolants, use in transmissions of vehicles and as redundant systems with such as transducers.

Level Transmitter.jpg

Liquid Level Transmitter

Level measurement is an important value to control processes in many industries. Continuous level sensors provide level monitoring for an entire system. They measure fluid level within a range, rather than at a one point, producing an analog output that directly correlates to the level. To create a level management system, the output signal is linked to a process control loop and to a visual indicator.


Level and Temperature Transmitter.jpg

Level and Temperature Transmitter

STS offers a comprehensive range of level and temperature transmitters specifically designed for the long term monitoring of ground water, wastewater and tank level measurement.

Level Logger and Water Management.jpg

Hydrostatic Level Logger and Water Management

Measuring groundwater level or depth-to-water is critically important for identifying long term trends, including declining water levels, saltwater intrusion, seasonal variations, aquifer recharge, artificial aquifer storage and recovery, and level status for drinking water. STS offers a comprehensive range of Dataloggers and Water Management systems to serve this market.



Appropriate and complementary to our sensors, data loggers, and level probes.