Life science / medical


Filling machine for injection bags


  • ATM/F analog pressure/temperature transmitter with clamp flange 1 inch,

  • Connector Binder 723, 5 pins demountable

  • Accuracy +/- 0.1% FS

  • Oil filling: Anderol – Food

Similar standard products


Explosion Protection Device


The sensor system is used to monitor static or dynamic pressure (explosion) on tank systems. A wide variety of media are measured, mostly organic or inorganic dusts, dyes, salts, solvents, alkalis and acids (cleaning) etc. The sensor is always mounted above the maximum level of the tank.

Controlling fuel pressure on a jet engine


  • Pressure range 0 … 0.8 MPa, absolute
  • Process connection G 1/4 M, with 2 boreholes Ø 1.2 mm in hex
  • Electrical connection Connector MIL 38999, 10SL, 5/8″-23 A
  • Maximum process temperature 125°C
  • Accuracy <=+/- 0.1% FS
  • Compensated temperature range: -40 … 125°C
  • Version welded
  • Electronic packed in gel
  • Seal copper 9

Hydrogen applications


Gold platted transducer for hydrogen application
Only with pressure connection G 1/2″ male flush
Pressure ranges not below 1 bar and not over 600 bar
The gold coating is about 0.1 … 1 μm