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Customized pressure measuement solutions
Working in partnership with you we develop a concept for the project to satisfy the specific measurement task. Both the design and the dimensions are created together with you in accordance with the requirements. Production starts when the solution is finalized and agreed by you. However, the cooperation does not end with the completion of the product: we provide technical support over the entire lifetime of the product. This will give you long-term stable solutions that you can rely on.
In the development of measurement systems, we are always following a modular approach in order to offer our partners a great deal of flexibility. Thanks to the modular design principle, our solutions can also be easily integrated into existing systems. We are always available for inquiries: here, our priorities are speed, competence and simplicity. Our success is proven. With nearly three decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of customized, modular pressure measurement sensors. Our customers value the expertise and the service orientation of our employees in the development of suitable solutions. Clearly, STS develops measuring technology from Engineers for Engineers.

Accurate measurements for a wide range of machinery

Customized pressure sensing solutions for industrial machinery
In the development of new, state-of-the-art machinery, precision testing is required to deliver reliable results. It is necessary to determine possible weaknesses and potential problems at an early stage of the design to gain efficiencies in the long term. Technology at the highest level is essential in this context. Whether pneumatic or hydraulic control systems, filter, pump and level monitoring or safety applications, the requirements for the measuring sensors vary from one task to another. However, the demands on the quality of the measurement results should never be compromised. This is why solutions are needed that have been specifically developed for the particular application or can be flexibly adapted to new challenges based on modular design.
STS has been successfully working in the development and production of customer-specific pressure measuring systems for three decades. As a specialist for the fulfillment of individual customer requirements, our piezoresistive sensors are used in automotive test stands, prototypes, test equipment for high-performance machines as well as in the medical field.For us to offer you the absolute best results for your specific measurement tasks, we work very close with you the customer, our partners and suppliers including visits to you and at the application. Initially it is important before the design of the prototype that you provide us with the measurement requirements.

Oil exploration and processing

Pressure measurement solution for oil and gas
The drilling, pumping, routing, processing and storage of oil often occurs under extremely difficult and complex conditions. The failure of a single component can quickly lead to long and costly repairs. Reliable and long-term stable solutions that meet individual requirements are therefore indispensable. Our sensors for static pressure measurement are the answer to such challenging technical applications. Oil drilling and refineries have very high visibility with respect to the environment and safety, especially in the offshore sector where the requirements are even higher. In particular where there are low petroleum deposits, the pressure rises to 1500 psi (1100 bar). Even large temperature ranges from only a few degrees above zero to temperatures well above 212°F (100°C) are a challenge that the instruments have to withstand.
Our pressure sensors have been successfully used for many years under these demanding conditions. They are recommended for wide temperature and pressure ranges and show great resistance against sea water and the potential vibrations due to drilling. STS has proven itself as a reliable partner, particularly in the field of offshore drilling. Our instruments are used because of their high precision, reliability and long-term stability. You can count on solutions that are customized to meet individual requirements: you send us your project specifications and we will respond with a custom engineered product to suit the challenges within a very short time. We work closely with you throughout the entire development process. You will get a measurement solution that you can rely on.

Custom specific measuring solutions for applications in gas

Customized pressure sensing solution for gas
Where highly flammable gases are involved the human and environmental safety are extremely important. The often extreme operating conditions in the gas industry make the need for explosion suppression indispensable. In order to ensure the safe and effi cient operation of these systems, high-precision pressure transmitters that you can rely on are needed. The smallest leak can ultimately cause major economic damage. In order to detect leaks at an early stage and to reduce losses to an absolute minimum, it is important to reliably monitor the gas pressure. STS is the fi rst choice for pressure measurement in the municipal distribution of gas, and for many years our sensors have been used in gas pressure regulators, residual gas pressure regulators and gas meters.
Thanks to our many years of hands-on experience, we can help you fi nd the right solution for your measurements. Be it the right choice from our portfolio of several hundred solutions or new, innovative approaches that we develop and implement together according to your requirements.