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STS has a richly diverse portfolio of certification of products and system solutions. However certain highly sensitive branches require additional security alongside general branch-specific certifications in the form of customer-specific audits.

If a customer has such a quality assurance requirement or area of high quality assurance requirement, then we can carry out an audit according to their very specific desires. Such audits are used by different customers and are not only possible with STS but also welcome.

STS shows itself to be progressive and cooperative with regards to this. In such a case, the basis to meet the requirements provided by the customer / partner is jointly devised. The process, the quality and the security can therefore be raised to a further level.

For further information please contact the sales department which will gladly coordinate a concrete idea with the QM department.



Non-Dual Use Declaration

 Non-Dual Use Declaration

US Conflict Minerals

  US Conflict Minerals Policy

TSCA Declaration of Conformity

  TSCA Declaration of conformity