STS pressure transducers and transmitters are manufactured to meet the most demanding test and measurement specifications for the aviation industry. The product portfolio includes absolute, gauge (relative) pressure and miniature pressure sensors.

Typical Applications

  • Fuel and air pressure
  • Tank level detection
  • Cabine pressure and temperature
  • Aircraft de-icing
  • Refrigerant and air cooling systems
  • Hydraulic door systems
  • Flight performance test

Standard sensors product portfolio

Piezo-resistive Transducer 
➔ ATM.mini   –   Miniature transmitter
➔ ATM.1ST   –   High precision transmitter
➔ ATM.1ST/T   –   High precision pressure and temperature transmitter
➔ ATM/GR   –   Electronic pressure switch

Examples of customized sensor solutions

Filter monitoring in helicopters
Fuel and air pressure on jet engines