Medical / Food / Chemical


The highest standards of accuracy and reliability are required in laboratories and medical devices. STS products are perfectly suited to this purpose – an example is their use in pressure and measurements of dialysis equipment.

Typical Applications

  • Dialyse equipment
  • Insufflator for endoscopy
  • Beer production
  • Sugar production
  • Fish farms: level and temperature,
  • Fish vacunation systems

Standard sensors product portfolio

➔ Piezoresistive transducers
➔ Analog pressure sensors
➔ Analog pressure/temperature sensors
➔ Digital & programmable pressure/temperature sensors
➔ ATM/NC   –   Chemical resistant submersible level transmitter

Examples of customized sensor solutions

➔ Filter integrity tester in medical applications
➔ Barometric pressure for environmental analyses
Helium pycnometer
Filling machine for injection bags
➔ Leak testing of venous catheter

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