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Many global shipyards and shipping companies rely on STS level sensors for the monitoring of water, waste water and fuel tanks – particularly in ballast tank applications. STS is a major supplier in this segment due to the high reliability of its sensors and the ability to manufacture them from titanium. 

    Typical Applications

    • Level measurement of ballast and fuel tanks
    • Level measurement of drinking and grey water tanks.
    • Level of swimming pool
    • Bubbling systems
    • Scrubbers
    • Draft measurement
    • Depth, temperature and oxygen pressure measurement in submarines
    • Oxygen tanks in submarines
    • Depth measurement of sonars for oil exploration and seismographic studies

    Standard sensors product portfolio

    ➔ Pressure & level sensors
    ➔ PTM.MT/N/Ex for maritime applications

    Examples of customized sensor solutions

    ➔ Measurement of hydrate deposits in 4000m depth