Company History

«Four gentlemen who are pressing forward»

«Four gentlemen who are pressing forward»

Take a journey with us through more than 25 years of our company's history:

2016Founding of STS China
2012Launch of the Noesis Concept and development of the first OCS products
2008Opening of the British subsidiary, STS Great Britain
Move into the annex building at headquarters in Sirnach

Founding of the company's French subsidiary, STS France Construction of its own factory building to Minergie Standard

1995STS Sensoren Transmitter Systeme GmbH founded in Sindelfingen, Germany
1992 Founding of the company's first subsidiary, STS Italia s.r.l.

STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG is founded by Jens Bomholt, Michele von Ritter, Alfred Schneider, Hans-Peter Müller and Laszlo G. Séchy.