Mission & Values

«STS as a visionary»

«STS as a visionary»

Since 1987 we have been exploring and advancing the world of the sensor system. Swiss quality is encased in every product that we ship. We strive for global sensor excellence.

STS is a diverse, ever expanding global organization with nearly 100 employees working from our headquarters; five subsidiaries, located in Italy, France, Great Britiain, China and Germany as well as more than 40 distribution partners all over the world. Our operations in the United States, Europe and Japan provide resources close to our customers.

STS vision 

To be the global leader of speciality niche products and customised sensor products, our sensors provide maximum mechanical and electrical modularity.


STS mission  

We develop, produce and distribute high-quality pressure transducers, pressure sensors, submersible transmitters and data loggers, as well as integrated measuring instruments for water management and industry.