Hydro electric plants


A hydrostatic level measurement is done with a highly precise measuring system that is even suited for high water pressures and volumes such as dams and barrages up to 275 meters. The pressure transducer is directly loaded with the water column to be measured.
This allows a very precise calculation of the storage volume.

    Typical Applications

    • High precision water level measurement of dams and barrages
    • Retention basin
    • Pumping system
    • Reservoir level
    • Water pipes pressure

    Standard sensors product portfolio

    ➔ Analog submersible level sensors 
    ➔ Analog level and temperature sensors
    ➔ Programmable/Digital analog level/temperature sensors
    ➔ Analog pressure sensor
    ➔ Analog pressure/temperature sensors
    ➔ Digital/programmable pressure/temperature sensors

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