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Pressure Sensors Glossary of Terms

Glossary of the terms commonly used in association with pressure measurement.



Total Error or Accuracy?

The subject of accuracy is often the main focus of users when looking for a pressure sensor. A variety of terms is connected to the accuracy of a pressure sensor. We explain them in our free infographic.


How to Choose the Right Pressure Transmitter

The development of new technology requires extensive testing. We show you which factors play a role when selecting the right pressure sensor for your application.


Lifetime Optimization of Pressure Transmitters

Hydrogen atoms are very small, which is why they also penetrate through solid materials. This can make pressure sensors in operable over time. However, the lifetime can be optimized. We show you how.


Media Compatibility of Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitters

When choosing the right pressure transmitter for individual applications, there are a large number of criteria that must be taken into account. Other than pressure range or temperature, media compatibility plays a major role.

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