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«Experience across the board»

STS develops, produces and sells pressure measurement solutions, we’ve been a significant force in the world of pressure sensor development since 1987. As a Swiss company, we focus on quality, durability and exceeding our customers’ expectations. 

Meet the faces behind STS here.


Piezoresistive Pressure Measurement Technology made in Switzerland 

From start to finish, our value chain is created at our headquarters in Sirnach, where we do everything from producing the individual parts to calibrating the sensor and carrying out the final checks on the finished product. This means that all STS products are ‘Made in Switzerland’ and customers can be sure that they are getting renowned Swiss quality.


With innovation and high-quality sensor technology, STS makes the impossible possible for customers.


Customer Dedication
Engaging in close customer interaction enables us to develop deep application knowledge. Based on this expertise, we design innovative products and solve applications which excite our customers.

Intelligent Concepts
Intelligent product and production concepts provide flexibility, allowing us to grow profitably and react swiftly to a multitude of customer needs.

Portfolio Expansion
We leverage our expertise in the field of piezoresistive pressure sensors as a basis for expanding our portfolio with complementary and new technologies.

Team Empowerment
To achieve our vision, an ambitious and solution-oriented team works together in an inspiring and trusting environment.

STS Corporate Culture

We are dedicated to fostering an environment of trust. This value is important to us in developing a team of reliable experts who design and produce quality products for our customers.

defines our strength to be ambitious and solution-oriented, while having the capability to expand our portfolio with complementary and new technologies.

We possess passion to develop innovative products and solutions. We are enthusiastic about tackling and resolving challenges in an inspiring environment together.

Company History

1987 – STS founded by four engineers
1988 – First products launched

Subsidiaries founded

1992 –  STS Italy
1995 – STS Germany
2002 – STS France
2008 – STS Great Britain
2016 – STS China
2022 – PMC-STS USA