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Water & Environment

  • Level transmitters in Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Inconel or PTFE for use in salt water, acidic or other aggressive media
  • Programmable and rangeable transmitter via software on site
    • Rangeable for any measuring range
    • Zero and span setting
    • Recalibration on-site
    • Recalibration
  • Level and temperature logger
    • Configuration and data transmission via short-range radio frequency
  • Water Manager Solution
    • Logger for Level, Temperature, PH & Redox, Turbidity, Conductivity/salinity, Oxygen
    • Configuration and M2M Data transmission via GPRS or UMTS
    • Interface to the most common data processing software

    Water Supply


    Ground & Surface Water

    Waste Water

    Hydro Electric Plants


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