Ground and Surface Water


STS has been a hydrologist partner for many years, and through this work we have developed the experience to become specialists in the monitoring of river, lake and ground water levels. Measuring groundwater level is critically important for identifying long term trends, including declining water levels, saltwater intrusion, seasonal variations, aquifer recharge, artificial aquifer storage and recovery, and level status for drinking water.

Typical Applications

  • Long-term balanced management of surface and underground water as drinking water resources, etc
  • Protection of groundwater and surface water (habitat of flora and fauna)
  • Logging and transmission of level, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, ph & Redox, Oxygen content
  • Procurement of basic data for treatment of natural danger
  • Flood prevention and flood alarm

Standard sensors product portfolio

Passive submersible level sensors
Analog submersible level sensors
Analog Level and temperature sensors
Analog submersible pressure sensors
Analog pressure and temperature sensors
➔ Programmable/Digital analog pressure/temperature sensors