Piezoresistive pressure transmitter for industrial pressure measurement technology Pressure transmitter for highly accurate pressure measurement for gas applications High accuracy pressure transmitter for precision pressure measurement in testing applications Pressure sensors for pressure measurement in aviation Precision pressure measurement and pressure transmitters for mechanical engineering ATEX certified level probes for mining Reliable pressure measurement for oil and gas applications GL certified pressure measurement for level measurement for shipbuilding Level probes, level loggers and submersible probes for hydrostatic level measurement Level probes, submersible probes and data loggers for groundwater and surface water applications Reliable submersible probes for the fresh water supply Corrosion resistant pressure transmitters for desalination applications Resistant and robust pressure transmitters and level probes for water management

ATM.mini pressure transmitter: highest precision, smallest possible design

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Miniature pressure transmitter


STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG is an innovator in developing, producing and selling customized solutions in pressure measurement. We push the industry standard to develop application solutions which not only fulfil our customer's needs, but exceed their expectations.

STS strengths are:

  • Individual and customized solutions in pressure measurement applications
  • High quality, durable products and solutions to surpass our customer's needs
  • Accuracy and stability are ensured because of in-house transducer production

We offer short and reliable dispatch for customized products, as well as user friendly software.